Let's Collaborate!

Cosplay Shoots

I have many cosplays that aren't even pictured on this site that I still need photos of, so I'm almost always up for a photo shoot! At a con or on location.

I still have a lot of Disney cosplays but am branching out into different genres lately. I have lots of superhero cosplays I don't have photos of as well! 

You are also always welcome to just chat with me to see what I have that you might like to shoot or even pitch me character ideas! 

I'm also down for group shoots as well. I love them!

Creative Shoots

Have an idea for a fun shoot that isn't necessarily cosplay themed? I'm your girl! 

I'm not afraid to be adventurous with locations either. In the rain, snow, beach, water, hiking, whatever! 

I also am a huge animal fan and am dying to do shoots with animals. I'll interact with anything! Even bugs. Though  reptiles are my favorite :) 


And I LOVE doing shoot at the Boutique Photo Loft in Antioch, IL! If you're not available of this amazing locale, you NEED to check it out!

Fan Films

In 2016 I produced and stared in a Star Wars fan film called Vengeance in the Outer Rim and I just fell in love with the fan film process. 


I would love to work on another film! Either as an actor, set decorator, costumer, prop maker, wig stylist, make up artist and more!  

I can do basic special effects and prosthetics! See my Captain Hook for an example. 

I also have some lightsaber combat experience, as seen in the film I made, which you can watch here

Cosplay Groups

I absolutely love a good cosplay group! Whether it's for a convention, event or just a photo shoot I am so down! 

I host groups of my own every now and then as well, which I will start announcing on my Facebook page when recruiting others. Be sure to follow me on Facebook so you can join up!

More info:

For photo shoots and special projects, I can: 

  • Do my own make up

  • Style my own wigs

  • Provide my own costumes or costume pieces (case by case basis)

  • Provide props or scenery pieces (case by case)