Let's Collaborate!

Cosplaying and Modeling

I'm almost always up for a fun photo shoot! If you need a cosplayer or model, hit me up!

For photo shoots and special projects, I can: 

- Do my own make up

- Style my own wigs

- Provide costumes for myself (case by case basis)

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Cosplay Groups

I love making cosplay groups! Here are my groups that are open to any and everyone. Feel free to join!

This type of group is typically for conventions rather than one time photo shoots. 

Have a group you'd like me to join? Contact me her!

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Invite Only Cosplay Groups

Sometimes I put together cosplay groups that I am a little more selective about. For these I'm going for a certain look or level and participation will be limited. But anyone is welcome to apply to join me in one of these groups!

This type of group would be more for photo shoots than conventions.   

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