Poison Ivy - Christmas Theme

Original design based off DC Comic's Batman

Date of Shoot: December 2019

Photographer: Anthony H. Nguyen Photography

Fellow Talent Featured:


Harley Quinn: @uzu.cos

Poison Ivy: It's Kitty!

Details and Links

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Bodysuit: Clothink
Tights: eBay

Boots: Funtasma (spray painted)

Green Gloves: Zaza Bridal

Red Gloves: Dollar tree with faux fur added.

Santa Hat: I don't remember lol

Socks: Gift from Harley ;)

Sweater: Macy's

Hair and Make-Up

Wig Base: Arda - Dany Classic in Crimson

Wig Styling: Self (It's actually styled for Ariel LOL)